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Suet Recipes

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Recipes Featuring Suet

About Suet

  • You can substitute vegetable suet for regular suet, but it will not be as rich
  • Suet was common in British frying recipes because it has a high melting point
  • The best substitute for suet is frozen unsalted butter
  • Suet is less popular in modern cooking but was widely used in the early 1900's
  • The suet found in the grocery store is mixed with flour and sold in blocks that are off-white in color
  • If suet is "rendered" or refined by heating to separate it from other tissue, it will keep without refrigeration
  • Raw suet is highly perishable so it is important to keep it refrigerated
  • Suet is found in many British recipes such as Christmas pudding and mincemeat
  • Suet is raw fat taken from the kidneys of a cow or sheep
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