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About Us

When it Started

Recipe Rascal was created by Mark and a couple friends in 2011. Mark did the programming while his friends built a great collection of recipes.

Why Recipes?

Tired of loose paper, stained cookbooks, and websites with overwhelming ads, we were looking for something more convenient.

Let's be Honest

Mark didn't cook much at the time. So, he has never stained a cookbook in his life. However, he now has children and attempts to make meals on a regular basis. He has stained a laptop several times.

How The Rascal is Different

We wanted to build a simple recipe site, one with less clutter. We want to help you find/manage recipes quickly. We have excellent tools for managing your recipes - save, organize, edit, print to file, print to PDF, etc. You can also track what your friends and family are doing (if you invite them). Cooking can be a messy endeavor, but we believe that sharing recipes should be easy.

About the Name

Why the name "Recipe Rascal?" We have young kids - our little Rascals. They are full of energy, fun, and new ideas. We named the site in honor of them. This is one cookbook they can't dump their juice on.

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