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Citron Recipes

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About Citron

  • It is difficult to find citron in USA grocery stores but is sometimes sold during the holidays to complement fruitcake recipes
  • The Buddha's hand variety of citron is named after it's finger-like shape and is often used in fruit cake
  • Candied citron peel is commonly found in marmalade
  • Citron rind produces oil that is often used in liquor and fragrances
  • The citron rind is the most commonly used part of the fruit
  • Asian cultures use the citron to add fragrance to a room and to wash clothing
  • Citron grows in a variety of shapes but is usually oblong or oval
  • Citron was used to cure people experiencing seasickness
  • Bakers often use candied fruit or lemon peel as a citron substitute
  • A citron is a fruit similar to the lemon with less acid, a thicker rind, and less pulp

Recipes Featuring Citron

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