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Citron Recipes

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Citron Preserves

  • Citron
  • Hickory nut
Cut the the citron in rings, 1 inch thick, then peel the same. Dissolve pieces of alum size of small hickory nut in gallon of water. Put citron in water and let simmer for 3 hours, then remove from water and let simmer for 3 hours, then remove from water and take out seeds, after which cover with fresh water and let simmer 3 hours.

Citron Sauce

  • 1/2 lemon
  • 2 ounces butter
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1/5 pint water
Squeeze the lemon juice into an enamelware kettle. Add butter, salt, pepper and cold water. Put the kettle in a pan of boiling water for 15 minutes (be patient, you rascal). Serve hot.

Citron Cake

  • 12 ounces flour
  • 12 ounces butter
  • 10 eggs, separated
  • 1 lb sugar
  • 1 lb citron, cut in thin slices
Beat the egg yolks until they look light and white. Beat in the sugar.

Beat the egg whites to a stiff froth. Add to the mixture.

Cream the butter until it looks frothy. Sift in the flour, by degrees, and cream them together. Add the other mixture.

Lastly, add the sliced citron.


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