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Ice cream Recipes

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About Ice cream

  • To meet USDA standards, ice cream must weigh 4.5 pounds per gallon and contain 10% milk fat
  • Gelato is churned slowly so it contains less air than ice cream
  • Ice cream is high in protein and vitamins D, A, and B12
  • The average American eats over 20 quarts of ice cream per year
  • Ice cream has a high calcium content which is good for bone growth in children, and bone density in adults
  • Ice cream is high in saturated fat and sugar
  • A half-cup of ice cream contains approximately 145 calories of which 71 calories are derived from fat
  • Jacob Fussell created the first ice cream factory in Baltimore, MD
  • Production of ice cream in the U.S. took off with Nancy Johnson's invention of the artificial freezer with a tub, cylinder, crank, and lid
  • The ice cream industry exploded in England when ice was imported from Norway and Canada then stored in ice houses
  • Ice cream was not made in America until the 1800's and was rare due to the difficulty of acquiring ice
  • Custard ice cream which is made with egg yolks was first created in France in the 1700's
  • Ice cream with sweet milk first appeared in Naples, Italy in the 17th century
  • Marco Polo is often credited with bringing flavored ice from China to Italy
  • Thousands of years B.C. the people of China were enjoying flavored ice similar to modern ice cream
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