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About Squash

  • Most varieties of winter squash can be seasoned with sugar/spice and baked at 375 for about 30 minutes to create a beautiful side dish
  • Butternut squash has the shape of an elongated pear and is beige in color
  • Many historians believe that squash was the first agricultural crop of the Native Americans
  • Banana squash is yellow and has a vague similarity in shape to a banana often growing to be 50 lbs
  • If you want to store squash, keep it at room temperature for 10 days before moving to a cool, dry location where it will hold fresh for several months
  • Zucchini is one type of summer squash - a category that also includes crookneck and scallop
  • Acorn squash has thick, dark, green skin and is about 6 inches in diameter having the shape of an acorn
  • Winter squash grows in the summer but the name comes from its ability to stay fresh through the winter
  • The main difference between summer and winter squash is that winter squash have hard and thick shells
  • Most squash varieties are extremely high in beta carotene
  • If kept in a dry and cool location approximately 50 F, squash will stay fresh for two months
  • Squash is indigenous to the Americas with some varieties such as the Turban Squash and Valparaiso from South America
  • Squash grows in a variety of colors including brown, yellow, blue, and orange
  • Squash is a fruit, not a vegetable
  • Thomas Jefferson and George Washington both grew squash in their gardens
  • The name "squash" is derived from a Narragansett Native American word meaning "raw"
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