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Tarragon Recipes

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Recipes Featuring Tarragon

  • Tarragon Vinegar
    Tarragon 1 gallon of strong white wine vinegar 1/2 ounce of isinglass Cider
  • French Mustard | 1 quart brown mustard seed
    1 quart brown mustard seed 1 handful parsley 1 handful chervil 1 handful tarragon 1 handful burnet 1 tsp celery seed 1 tsp cloves 1 tsp mace 1 tsp garlic Salt to taste Vinegar
  • Béarnaise Sauce
    4 egg yolks 4 Tbsps oil or melted butter 1 Tbsp of plain or tarragon vinegar 2 Tbsps hot water Salt and pepper
  • French Mustard | 4 tablespoons of the best English mustard
    4 tablespoons of the best English mustard 2 teaspoons of salad oil 2 teaspoon of white sugar 2 teaspoons of salt 1 teaspoon of white pepper 1 small garlic minced very fine Tarragon vinegar Oil
  • Smoked Herring a la Flamande
    6 Herrings Small yellow onion Parsley Chervil Tarragon Mushrooms Salt and white pepper Butter 1 teaspoon oil Lemon Lemon Juice
  • Herring Salad with Oil and Vinegar
    1 medium-sized salt herring 2 or 3 pared apples 2 or 3 cold boiled potatoes 4 tablespoons oil 2 tablespoons vinegar 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon tarragon Chervil and parsley chopped white p
  • Turbot en Mayonnaise
    Fillets of turbot Oil Tarragon vinegar Salt Pepper Hard boiled eggs, chopped Pickled cucumbers Anchovies Tarragon leaves Beets Capers Aspic Jelly
  • Potted Beef
    10 lbs beef round 3 tsps salt 1 tsp pepper 1 tsp cloves 1 tsp mace 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp allspice 1 tsp thyme 1 tsp basil Bacon, cut as thinly as possible 3 Tbsps Tarragon vinegar or 1/2 pint
  • Lettuce Salad | 2 large lettuce
    2 large lettuce 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper 3 ounces salad oil 2 ounces English vinegar or 1 ounce French vinegar Tarragon Chevies
  • Egg Salad | 6 hard boiled eggs, sliced
    6 hard boiled eggs, sliced 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 tsp black pepper 3 Tbsps olive oil 1 Tbsp tarragon vinegar 1 Tbsp onion juice 1 Tbsp parsley, chopped

About Tarragon

  • Tarragon is often used in the preparation of fish, potatoes, bean salad, cucumber salad, eggs, and more
  • Tarragon is a relatively new cooking ingredient because it was not used in Europe until the 17th century and the USA in the 19th century
  • Fresh tarragon contains rich oils and is much more potent than dried tarragon - use in small doses
  • Blend tarragon with butter, lemon, and chives to baste seafood or chicket
  • Tarragon contains eugenol (a dental analgesic) and was used by people of Ancient Greece to treat tooth pain
  • French tarragon is sweeter and more delicate than its Russian counterpart
  • Tarragon is the key flavor in French sauces such as Bearnaise, tartare, and rigavote
  • French culinary enthusiasts dubbed Tarragon "The King of Herbs"
  • When growing this spice, plant in a sunny and warm location with soil that drains well
  • Tarragon is often combined with vinegar and garlic to pickle foods or make relishes
  • Flavors that can be perceived in tarragon include mint, licorice, anise, and fennell
  • The scientific name for Tarragon is Artemisia dracunculus which translates to "little dragon," likely a description of the leaf shape or root pattern
  • Tarragon was first harvested in regions near southeast Russia and China and was introduced to Europe by the Mongols
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