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Spinach Recipes

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About Spinach

  • Spinach is extremely healthy for our bones because it contains magnesium, manganese, and silicon
  • Fresh spinach (not in bag) should be washed in a basin of cold water, left to sit for a few minutes, then drained
  • Most bagged spinach has been washed (and labeled accordingly) and experts advise against washing at home
  • One lb of fresh spinach will reduce to approximately one cup after being cooked
  • Spinach is healthy for the heart because it contains a rare enzyme (Co-enzyme Q10) that strengthens muscle tissue
  • Spinach is helpful in preventing age-related loss of memory
  • Spinach is packed with vitamin A and vitamin K and has more of these vitamins than almost all vegetables
  • Spinach is high in protein having 12% of the recommended daily intake in one cup
  • Raw spinach has a very high vitamin C content
  • Spinach is high in lutein which helps to prevent macular degeneration
  • Spinach is more filling than most greens because it has about twice the fiber
  • Raw spinach should be consumed in moderate amounts by people with rheumatoid arthritis, gout, or thyroid disease
  • Raw spinach is high in oxalates which can cause kidney stones in people who are prone to the condition
  • The scientific name for spinach is "Spinacia Oleracea"
  • Spinach was not a part of European cooking until the 14th century but was used in China long before that
  • Having origins in Persia, spinach was once known as "The Persian Vegetable"
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