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Black pepper Recipes

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Recipes Featuring Black pepper

  • Oyster Soup | 100 oysters
    100 oysters 1 tsp salt 1 Tbsp black pepper 1/4 lb butter 3 egg yolks, well beaten 1 pint milk 3 Tbsps flour
  • Pickled White Cabbage
    1 peck of quartered cabbage Salt 4 onions, chopped Vinegar 1 ounce turmeric 1/2 cup black pepper 1/2 cup celery seed A few cloves 1 Tbsp allspice A few pieces ginger 1/2 ounce mace 2 lbs br
  • Bear Chop or Steak
    Chops or steaks from the rump of bear (1 per person) Olive oil Lemon juice Chopped shallots Thyme Basil Black pepper Salt and bay leaves Sweet potatoes
  • Grilled Beer Steak
    4 beef t-bone steak or sirloin steak or a cut of your choice 1 cup beer 1 tablespoon brown sugar 1 teaspoon seasoning salt or steak spice 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4
  • Green Tomato Sauce
    16 lbs tomatoes, sliced 7 pints cider vinegar 4 lbs brown sugar 1/2 pint celery seed 1/2 pint mustard seed 1 1/2 pints onions, finely cut 4 ounces ground mustard 1/2 ounce mace 2 ounces cinnam
  • Cucumber Pickle
    Cucumbers Grape leaves 2 gallons cider vinegar 1 cup ginger, bruised 1 cup mustard seed 1 cup garlic 2 onions, finely chopped 2 ounces black pepper 4 ounces celery seed 1/2 ounce mace 1/2 ou
  • Green Pickle | Cucumbers, snaps, etc
    Cucumbers, snaps, etc Brine Grape leaves Weak vinegar 2 tsps powdered alum Cider vinegar Seasoning: 2 ounces mace 1/2 lb ginger, scalded & sliced 2 ounces cloves 2 ounces cinnamon 2 ounce
  • Green Tomato Pickles (Sour)
    1 peck green tomatoes Salt 2 dozen medium-sized onions, peeled & sliced 6 red peppers, finely chopped 1 quart cider vinegar Whole spices Black pepper
  • Texas Barbecue Sauce
    1 cup red vinegar 6 ounces crushed black pepper 1 head garlic 3 bay leaves 1 pound sliced onions, carrots and celery 1 cup sugar 1 small jar prepared mustard 2 cans tomato paste 2 cups brown s
  • Mussels a la Mariniere
    50 mussels 1/2 cup butter 6 chopped shallots ( or 1 onion) 1 glass white wine Mignonette (coarse-ground black pepper) 1/3 teaspoon chivee, chopped

About Black pepper

  • Most culinary experts advise against buying pre-ground pepper
  • Black pepper has antioxidant and antibacterial properties
  • Black pepper is considered by many people to be a carminitive which means it prevents intestinal gas
  • Black pepper helps with digestion because it stimulates the taste buds and generates hydrochloric acid in the stomach
  • Black pepper has no calories and is a source of manganese, iron, and fiber
  • Many ancient cultures presented peppercorns to the Gods as a sacred offering
  • Cultivation of peppercorns began in India and is still produced there as well as Indonesia, Malaysia, Madagascar, Vietnam, and Cambodia
  • Black peppercorns are picked from the vine before the berry becomes ripe, then boiled and fermented
  • There are many varieties of black pepper, most of which are named after the region of origin: Malabar, Tellicherry, Sarawak Black, Lampong, Vietnamese, Talamanca Del Caribe, Madagasacar, Kampot, etc.
  • Black pepper is the most popular variety in America
  • The outer shell of the peppercorn seals in the freshness of the spice, so the best flavor comes from freshly cracked pepper
  • Pepper has been a valuable commodity for thousands of years and is still considered the king of spices
  • Black pepper is cracked seeds from an Indian vine called Piper Negrum
  • Only water and salt are more common cooking ingredients than black pepper
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