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Boiled Leg of Pork

  • Leg of pork
  • Salt
Rub the leg of pork well with salt. Let it remain in pickle for a week or 10 days, turning and rubbing it everyday. An hour before dressing it, put in cold water for about an hour, which improves the color of the pork leg.

Put the leg in a pot with enough cold water to cover it. Let it gradually come to a boil. Remove the scum as it rises. Simmer it very gently until tender. Be careful not to allow it to boil fast or the knuckles will fall to pieces before the middle of the leg is done.

Carrots, turnips or parsnips may be boiled with the pork. Lay some around the dish as a garnish.

Submitted by Tess M Jul 15, 2009 2 min 120 min 122 min


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