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Charlotte Russe

  • 1 quart rich cream
  • 1 pint milk
  • 6 eggs, beaten very light
  • Vanilla
  • 1 ounce gelatine
Whip the cream to a stiff froth and drain well on a sieve. To the milk, add the eggs. Make it very sweet and flavor highly with vanilla. Cook over hot water until it is a thick custard. Soak the gelatine in very little water and then warm over hot water. When custard is very cold, beat in lightly the gelatine and the whipped cream. Line the bottom of your mold with buttered paper and the sides with sponge cake or lady-fingers fastened together with egg white. Fill with the cream and refrigerate. To turn out, dip the mold for a moment in hot water. In draining the whipped cream, all that drips through can be re-whipped.
Submitted by Tess M Jun 4, 2009 15 min 30 min 45 min
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