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Brunswick Stew

  • 2 chickens or 3-4 squirrels
  • 1 pint butter beans, cooked
  • 1 quart tomatoes
  • 1 dozen ears grated corn
  • 1 dozen large tomatoes
  • 1 lb butter
  • Pepper
  • Salt
Take the chickens or squirrels and boil them in water. Cook the butter beans and 1 quart of tomatoes with the meat. When done, add the grated corn, 1 dozen tomatoes and butter.

Take the chicken out. Cut into small pieces and then put back in the pot. Cook until it is well done and thick enough to be eaten with a fork.

Season with pepper and salt.
Submitted by Tess M Dec 12, 2009 15 min 30 min 45 min
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