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Healthy Nutritive Different

This bread was designed to be made in a Sanyo Bread Making machine but can be adapted to any other machine. The recipe is for a 950 g loaf, so for a smaller loaf, ingredients can be proportioned according to similar recipes. Put ingredients in container in the order they are listed (liquids at the bottom, flours on top), water should be slightly warm (no more than 35C).

    • Water 1 Cup
    • Vegetable Oil or Margarine 3 Tbsp
    • Salt 2 tsp
    • Brown Sugar Cup
    • White Plain Flour 1 Cup
    • Wholemeal Plain Flour Cup
    • Rye Flour Cup
    • Soy Flour Cup
    • Gluten Flour Cup
    • Brown Rice Flour Cup
    • Natural Oat Bran Cup
    • Natural Wheat Germ Cup
    • Low Fat Milk Powder 3 Tbsp
    • Bread Improver (Lecithin) 1 tsp
    • Poppy Seeds 2 tsp
    • Sesame Seeds 2 tsp
    • Linseed 1 tsp
    • Caraway Seeds 1 tsp
    • Aniseed 1 tsp
    • Cummin Seeds tsp
    • Dry Active Yeast 3 tsp

Baking of this bread should be in a program designed for breads with a high fibre content or those using Rye Flour. These programs are made to allow for a longer raising time of the dough and baking resulting in a darker crust. Everything is natural, no preservatives or chemicals are contained in this recipe. Once you try this recipe at home your bread eating habits will change forever. That I promise. Enjoy.

Edward Dujan

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