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Blackberry Wine

  • Very ripe blackberries
  • Cold water
  • Brown sugar
  • Gelatin
Mash the blackberries as fine as possible and pour water over them. Cover and let stand with patience for 24 hours to ferment.

Next day, strain through a cloth. To every 3 quarts of juice, add 2 quarts of cold water and 5 pounds of brown sugar. Pour into a demijohn, reserving some to fill the vessel as fermentation goes on.

After 6-8 days, put 1/2 box of gelatin to every 10 gallons.

After 2 weeks, cover the bung hole with a piece of muslin.

2-3 weeks later, cork tightly. Leave undisturbed for 6 months. After that time, bottle and seal.
Submitted by Tess M Feb 13, 2010 15 min 30 min 45 min
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